IBRO Workshop 2014

January 16. - 17.

Debrecen, Hungary


Dear Colleagues,

   The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to the IBRO Workshop 2014 held at 16-17 January 2014 in Debrecen, Hungary.

   Debrecen is the educational and cultural center of North-East Hungary with a strong Calvinist tradition. The city is located very close to the "Puszta" (Hortobágy), a national park that is a part of the World Heritage and one of the most famous tourist attractions of Hungary. The newly created and traditional shopping and dining areas, its famous museums, spa and the beautiful "Great Forest" make Debrecen one of the most charming cities in Hungary.

   The first university in Debrecen, the Calvinist College, was founded 600 years ago. In the last few decades the city gave home for four independent universities: University of Art and Science, University of Medical School, University of Agriculture, University of Theology. In 1998, the universities started a process that resulted in the unification of the independent universities and the creation of the unified University of Debrecen in 2000. The newly created University of Debrecen now educates more than 30000 students in 15 faculties. The University of Debrecen has an honorable tradition in teaching different aspects of basic as well as applied neurosciences and has been one of the leading institutions concerning this field in Hungary. The University employs a number of excellent teachers and scientists having extensive experience in teaching and conducting internationally recognized research in different areas of neurosciences. The main campus of the University is located in the beautiful environment of the "Great Forest", making a fascinating academic and natural environment for all kind of academic, scientific and student activities. It will also provide a relaxed atmosphere for the IBRO Workshop 2014.

   It is a special pleasure and privilege that the International Brain Research Organization and the Hungarian Neuroscience Society found Debrecen as a superb site for the IBRO Workshop 2014 and assured the local organizers of their full support.

   Hereby, we invite all neuroscientists to participate in the IBRO Workshop 2014 which is going to be an outstanding forum providing opportunity for the presentation of research groups and institutions, their novel scientific findings as well as for formal and informal scientific discussions. The scientific program of the Workshop will consist of plenary lectures, symposia and poster presentations. Both plenary lectures and symposia will be selected on the basis of proposals made by individual scientists. The majority of scientific results, however, will be presented in the poster sessions. We would like to encourage all interested scientists with special emphasis on young colleagues and PhD students to come and present their most recent scientific findings on the IBRO Workshop 2014. With your contribution we would like to make the Workshop an exciting and memorable international scientific event.


Miklós Antal, MD, PhD, DSc
on behalf of the Organizing Committee