IBRO Workshop 2014

January 16. - 17.

Debrecen, Hungary

Cultural Event

Harmony and Melody
Recital of Norbert Nemeth’s music

16 January, 2014, 8 p.m.
Liszt Hall of the Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen




1. Commemoratio
Zsófia Janovicz – mezzo-soprano; Zsolt Kiss – organ (13')

2. Three aquarelles
Csaba Pálfi – clarinet (6')

3. Tenth Week
Balázs Boda – piano (8')

4. Leprechaun's magic secret
Péter Szűcs – bass clarinet (6')

5. Trio
Péter Szűcs – clarinet; Kristóf Szilágyi – bassoon; Balázs Boda – piano (5')

6. Juglans of Monostorerdő
Csaba Pálfi – clarinet; Péter Szűcs – bass clarinet; Kristóf Szilágyi – bassoon (8')

7. Reminiscenza
Balázs Boda – piano (4')

8. Selections from the three-act opera ‘Romanza mendace’ (Mendacious romance) in Italian:
Duet of Giulia and Anna from the Act I

Éva Fehér – mezzo-soprano; Mónika Susán – alto (5')
Giulia’s aria, end of Act I

Éva Fehér (5')
Duet of Valter and Giulia, end of Act II

Éva Fehér; Imre Donkó – baritone (6')
Final scene of Act III

Éva Fehér and Imre Donkó (8')

Piano accompaniment: Balázs Boda


About the Perfomers:

Éva Fehér, Zsófia Janovicz, Imre Donkó: singers of the Csokonai National Theater, Debrecen

Mónika Susán: singer of the Kodály Choir, Debrecen

Balázs Boda: pianist of the Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen

Péter Szűcs, Csaba Pálfi and Kristóf Szilágyi: musicians of the Zuglo Philharmonics Budapest

Zsolt Kiss: organist of the Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey


About the composer:

Norbert Nemeth (1975 -): A Hungarian composer and researcher (M.D., Ph.D., med. habil.), university associate professor, head of Department of Operative Techniques and Surgical Research, Medical and Health Science Center, University of Debrecen.

The founder of the Medical Students’ Chamber Choir at the University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary. Founder and co-leader of the A&S Music Industry of the 21st Century Hungarian Music, between 2004 and 2012 Vice-President of the Con Spirito Musical Art Association.

He started to write music at the age of twelve and he has been composing ever since, as a prolific composer. Learned composing music initially by autodidactic way and later by private studies from Zoltán Kováts (F. Liszt College of Music, Debrecen, Hungary) and from Prof. Iván Madarász (F. Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary).

His music comprises piano and organ pieces, solo instrumental pieces, works written for chamber-, string and symphonic orchestra, choral works, requiem, Te Deum mass and opera.

His compositions were presented on several occasions at ceremonial concerts, at festivals, at charity, recital, church and orchestral concerts in Hungary, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, China and Australia.

Cultural awards

  • Pro Universitate Juventutis of the Debrecen University Medical School (Debrecen, Hungary), 1998
  • Cultural Award of Ercsi city (Hungary), 2001
  • Honorary Freeman of Ercsi city (Hungary), 2010
  • Fellowship Award of the Foundation for Culture of Debrecen, (Debrecen, Hungary), 2013

Composer competition prizes and awards

  • First price ex aequo at the 'Key to the Future' International Composer Competition with his opera Mendacious romance (Romanza mendace) at Bartók Plus Opera Festival, Miskolc, Hungary, 2013
  • Boston Metro Opera (USA) Mainstage Award of the 2013 International Composer Competition (opera Mendacious romance / Romanza mendace)


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